Mini Update

Hey and hello! As announced last week there is not much new to show for this week. I’m still working on the code and planning the content for the demo. For the demo I made a plan, which I want to implement in the coming… Weiterlesen »Mini Update


welcome to a new update. This week I took some time to improve and optimize some things. That’s why there is no video today, but some screenshots.

How to Dialogue…

In any case we are one step closer to the demo in summer. I can’t wait to show you CrystalsOfIrm.

The MiniRPG has a name

Hey and Hello! welcome to a new dev update. I don’t want to write a long introduction, so I’ll get right to the point!As you have noticed, I’m currently working on the MiniRPG project – since I slowly have a roadmap together, how the game… Weiterlesen »The MiniRPG has a name

Blog Motivation & Progress

I welcome you to a new dev update! There are a few updates to the Mini RPG, once the look evolves and the battle system getting better and better.