Dev Time

Hey and Hello From now on I’m on vacation and since I don’t have any bigger plans, I’ll spend more time on Crystals Of Irm. Today I’m tryig to get into vacation mode, so this update will be a bit shorter than usual, but I… Weiterlesen »Dev Time

A good way

Hey and Hello! New week new update! Soon Crystals Of Irm will be one year old and the demo is just around the corner. In the last months I’ve been building on the basic idea of COI again and again, changing things, deleting systems or… Weiterlesen »A good way

Game Modes

Hey and Hallo! I welcome you to a new dev update. Today I wanted to show you the different game modes of Crystals of Irm. In the game you will change the perspective again and again. Over the world you move over a 2D map… Weiterlesen »Game Modes

Piece by piece

Hey und Hallo! Time for a new dev update, sorry we missed last weeks update – but we where busy attending a game jam. Now back to Crystals Of Irm… Everything runs at full speed! I’m currently working on several assets to make the world… Weiterlesen »Piece by piece

GAMEJAM weekend

Hey and Hallo today’s update is super short. This weekend we participated in a gamejam and made this game Everyday Live by LotsOfStuff, Sellex, Faunik If you want play it and tell us what you think about it. Stay healthyDavid // LotsOfStuff

Progress Pt 2

Hey and hello! It’s been two weeks since the last dev update. But the demo has also progressed quite a bit. So, what can you expect in the demo. I see the first demo on the one hand as a proof of concept – does… Weiterlesen »Progress Pt 2

On the way to the demo

Hey and Hello! Welcome to a new dev update! Actually, today I wanted to tell you about the different islands you can travel to in CrystalsOfIrm. And I wanted to tell you about the fact that there are different landscapes that bring their own stories.… Weiterlesen »On the way to the demo