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November Blog Post

Hey and hello!

It is once again time for a small update! You might have noticed that I’ve been posting a bit less lately. This is not because I’m not working on Crystals Of Irm anymore, but because I don’t want to show you the same things all the time and I’m taking it a bit easier towards the end of the year. I have done more than I thought this year and Crystals Of Irm is really on its way to become what I imagined. So I ask you for a little bit more patience concerning the demo. I was definitely a bit hasty with the plans and that, I must confess, built up a bit too much pressure. Which was actually just unnecessary.

That’s about the current state of affairs. It goes on continuously, the demo of Crystals Of Irm will come and besides that some other things will happen! Besides Crystals Of Irm, our video game collective LotsOfStuff is also on a good way and is developing little by little. Which feels great!

As you can see the website has changed a bit and I hope you like it!

Finally, I brought a few screenshots so I don’t come into this post completely empty handed.

Stay healthy and have a good time

See you next time

PS: You can find a german version of the blog here

David // LotsOfStuff