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  • Progress Pt 2
    Hey and hello! It’s been two weeks since the last dev update. But the demo has also progressed quite a bit. So, what can you expect in the demo. I see the first demo on the one hand as… Weiterlesen »Progress Pt 2
  • On the way to the demo
    Hey and Hello! Welcome to a new dev update! Actually, today I wanted to tell you about the different islands you can travel to in CrystalsOfIrm. And I wanted to tell you about the fact that there are different… Weiterlesen »On the way to the demo
  • Crystals Of Irm
    Hey there wanderer! The game is currently in development and we are working hard to get a demo running in the next month and can’t wait to show you what we are working on. Crystals Of Irm features a… Weiterlesen »Crystals Of Irm