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  • Basics – Done!
    Hello 🙂 As last time I’ve to apologise first for the delay, but I’m very happy to close the first chapter today with you. I want to summarise shortly the basic building blogs of coding as I learned them… Weiterlesen »Basics – Done!
  • Strong foundation
    Hey and hello! The week went quite differently than expected. The planned things didn’t get done, but a whole bunch of improvements got done. Among other things, the base of the save system is finished and I continued to… Weiterlesen »Strong foundation
  • The fog clears slowly
    Hello 🙂 At first, I’m very sorry for the delay but at least it’s getting interesting this time (hopefully). After following tutorials kind of clueless where all this is going, I got a little bit more of an overview… Weiterlesen »The fog clears slowly