Twelve month of COI

Hey and hello! Click here for the german version of the blog The title of today’s issue already gives you an idea of the direction we are moving in today. Crystals Of Irm is now 12 months old – crazy how fast time flies. 12… Weiterlesen »Twelve month of COI

Short Update

Hey and Hello! today I’ll give you a short update what I’ve done this week, what’s coming up next week and finally I’ll show you some screenshots of the week. This week I was knee-deep in the battle system and I’m still working on the… Weiterlesen »Short Update

Glue together

Hey und Hallo! Zack – and already two weeks have passed since the last update. However, there wasn’t really much new to report. But today I’m back with some screenshots and a little update about Crystals Of Irm. I’m continuing to tinker with the demo… Weiterlesen »Glue together

Things change

Hello 🙂 Unfortunately I have nothing new to show you today, because all of last week went into thinking through what I really need to learn in order to create the content I want to create. But what actually is the content I want to… Weiterlesen »Things change

Hello again

Hey and hello! Finally… I’m sitting at the keyboard and have time and energy to write you a few lines. In the last weeks there was much less time left for Crystals Of Irm than planned, but don’t panic, despite this fact a lot of… Weiterlesen »Hello again


Hello 🙂 I’m very exited to show you what I learned about pixels last week, so let’s dive in. At first it was important to know how to access all the pixels of the drawing window or of an image one wants to use, because… Weiterlesen »Pixel[zero]

Basics – Done!

Hello 🙂 As last time I’ve to apologise first for the delay, but I’m very happy to close the first chapter today with you. I want to summarise shortly the basic building blogs of coding as I learned them so far and speak a little… Weiterlesen »Basics – Done!

Strong foundation

Hey and hello! The week went quite differently than expected. The planned things didn’t get done, but a whole bunch of improvements got done. Among other things, the base of the save system is finished and I continued to work on the various tools I… Weiterlesen »Strong foundation