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Hey and Hello!

Crystals Of Irm finally made it to Steam! And you already found it – Amazing!

my name is David and I’ve been working on Crystals Of Irm for a little over two years now. A lot has been done, but there is still a lot to do. Of course I can’t do everything alone and I’m lucky to have people by my side who support me with questions, music or playtests. And now let’s starts with today’s blog post

What is Crystals Of Irm actually?

Do you remember the First Person RPGs from long forgotten times? Might & Magic or Eyes of the Beholder? For me these games always offered an exciting mix between gameplay and exploring and experiencing an unique world. So I started to build my very own First Person RPG and here we are. However, I try to pack the whole thing feasible and in a small but fine overall package, with the focus on gameplay. That’s how the battle system came about – fast and with fun variations. I will tell you more from Irm in the coming weeks! So it is worth it to take a look in the coming blog posts.

Mini FAQ

  • What is an Irm? – Irm is the name of the land you will travel in the game.
  • How long will the game be? – Don’t expect a 100 hour epic, as the game is mainly developed by one person.
  • Will there be loot? – Of course, big loot, small loot, valuable loot, useless loot, round or square loot.
  • Can I level up my heroes? – Of course, each of the three classes has their own skills and items they can use.
  • Will I be able to visit different levels?- Your journey will take you through the different lands of Irm and explore different dungeons.

What’s next?

First of all – You will have to be patient before you can travel Irm yourself and a release date has not been set yet! But don’t panic! There is still something coming your way – More about that soon 😉

In the meantime I’m organizing some more „internal“ playtests and I’m working on making these playtests a bit bigger – if you want to know more, you’re invited to join the COI Discord, where you’ll find more information soon.

I also started working on more areas in Irm and will keep you updated in the future.

COI Community

Since Crystals Of Irm is now on Steam, Wishlist entries are the most important thing. The more the merrier – So, if you like the game hit the button, tell your friends about it and share it on social media. It really means the world to me.

I’ll be back to publishing regular blog posts like this one and continuing to share Behind the Scenes content on my channels. If you have any questions or just want to stay up to date, feel free to come on the COI Discord. I always hang out there and look forward to seeing you guys.

I’ve written a few blog posts in the past, so if you’re interested in following the development of COI – Here you go

So that’s it for today! I’ll read/hear or see you in the next blog post! I’m really looking forward to continuing the journey with you guys!

PS: Wishlist Crystals Of Irm on Steam – it really helps alot 🙂