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Hey & Hello!

And already it is December again. That was a fast one. You probably guessed it and how could it be otherwise, a lot has happened at Crystals Of Irm. We have really achieved a lot this year and I am already looking forward to 2023. In February there will be a small (actually very big) surprise and I am already so excited. But first things first – the last BlogPost of the year.

What else happened this year? Recently Crystals Of Irm was voted among the TOP100 upcoming Indie Games on IndieDB. How great and a thousand thanks to all who voted for it.


It sounds great! The soundtrack of the game is taking more and more shape and Irm already sounds absolutely wonderful. Just listen to the main theme… It’s awesome! Responsible for this great work is the good Fauni. At this point I recommend you to have a look at his site.

It looks great! Maybe you already noticed the great promo art of Crystals Of Irm. The incredibly talented Saboowas responsible for that. She managed to fill the character with life and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Be sure to check out her work as well.

It’s playable! Dungeon, villages and demons (ok, not really those) – but things can be explored in Irm now. And I’m working on an extra version for you, so you can finally take a first look into the world of Irm. And it really won’t take long this time, I promise. February 2023 will be great and very very exciting. Keep your eyes open.

At this point I could tell you a thousand little things. Things like – the dungeons are completely reworked, the enemies got a make over or there is now an extra section in Irm – just for you to test. But so shortly before the vacation and the celebration I spare you all these details and would suggest that we see each other again at this point in the new year.

Once again, thank you to everyone who supports and believes in me on this project. It really means the world to me and as always, I can’t wait for the next steps.

See you next year – Take care