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Production & New Dungeons

Hey and hello

welcome back to the world of Irm. Today I’ll give you some insights of my work of the last weeks and a short outlook on the next tasks.

The biggest news at the beginning – Crystals Of Irm is now in production. Which means that I’m adding a whole bunch of things to the game. This includes new items, skills, spells and dungeons. Mainly I spent the last weeks to bring the three dungeons into the game. The version of the green dungeon that you could play in the demo at Steam Next Fest doesn’t exist anymore.

The size of the floors has changed significantly. Instead of limited space, the individual floors are now much larger, giving me more room for additional rooms. The concepts for the other two dungeons, are now also being implemented and everything is coming together really well. So everything is going almost as planned. The blue dungeon will be all about water, while the red one will be all about (who would have expected it) fire.

There will be more pictures soon. But here is a little preview (The pictures are not directly from the engine)

The story continues. A lot of new items have made it into the game. That means you will find all kinds of valuable things in the dungeons. You can turn these things into gold in town, which you can then use to buy new and better equipment from the various merchants in town. This is the dungeon loop. A back and forth between exploration, valuable loot and better equipment.

That’s it for now to the things of the last weeks. In the next update I’ll show you one of the last and biggest innovations in Crystals Of Irm. I am very curious what you say about it. I’ll continue with the dungeons and next time there will be some more pictures.

Finally, if you have questions about the game or want to chat with me, I invite you to the Discord server. If you want to support me and the game, take a look at the Ko-Fi page and leave a coffee.

Until the next update