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Things change

Hello 🙂

Unfortunately I have nothing new to show you today, because all of last week went into thinking through what I really need to learn in order to create the content I want to create. But what actually is the content I want to create? I’m pretty sure I mentioned before that I mainly make music and wanted to create videos for that. And as my vision of the videos I want to make became clearer, it became obvious to me that Processing will do the job only to some extent. So how to deal with this problem? Should I stick to Processing and continue learning with it or should I switch to another application? If I choose to switch, to which program? Is there something that includes coding, visual content and video creation? Yes there is such a thing – the Unity game engine! And this what I chose to switch to. This means from now on I will focus on learning Unity and everything that comes with it and that I need in order to create the videos I have in mind. And because of the fact that Unity is based on C++ I will continue to learn how to program in C#, because it is used to code for Unity.

Maybe you ask yourself now if something changes for you, the people reading this blog. I think this depends on what you get from reading this blog. If wanted to know how to create things in Processing, it will be a little disappointing because I probably won’t share things from Processing in the near future but I still want to use it from time to time because I like it. But if you were interested in programming in general, little will change because coding will stay a big part of the work to be done. I’m not sure yet if Unity will bring up different topics of coding but I think next week will things be clearer and I’ll have a road map for the upcoming weeks. I hope the transition will work out fine and the learning curve won’t flatten, so that I can show some nice stuff again pretty soon.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading till the end and have a nice time until next week.