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Glue together

Hey und Hallo!

Zack – and already two weeks have passed since the last update. However, there wasn’t really much new to report. But today I’m back with some screenshots and a little update about Crystals Of Irm.

I’m continuing to tinker with the demo island and am currently putting together the various systems of COI. I spent the last week adding content to the dungeons. The dungeons are a central point of each island and connect different game modes. Exploring the island is closely linked to the progress in the dungeon – but I don’t want to reveal more yet.

The north of Demo Island is currently still a large construction site. But this will change soon.

Here you can see the effect of the entrance as soon as your group enters a forest. I’m not completely happy with this at the moment and am still thinking about using a more classic FogOfWar system for it. But that’s something for another day.

So slowly more and more comes together. When the base is ready, we can start to create more content. But step by step – The game is still made in my spare time, so I don’t always have time to work on COI. So please understand if there is a blog downtime or the whole thing is going a bit slow.

That’s it for this week – Until the next update.

Stay healthy

David // LotsOfStuff

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