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Snakes and drawings

Hello 🙂

Last week I started to learn programming with a view online tutorials on Youtube and elsewhere and I thought about documenting my progress in here. At first I had no reason to why I want to learn programming but as I watched some tutorials and talked to some friends I realised that I could get large benefits from it, if I choose the right programming language. My dear friend and colleague David from LotsOfStuff recommended Unity of course, because that’s where our video games come to life and he also mentioned Processing as a good tool to learn the basics of programming. But at first I wasn’t quite into Unity and an environment for graphical programming, so listened to some podcasts and Python got my attention. After that I decided to start with Python and give Processing also a try, because of my lack of knowledge on graphics and because I realised that it cold be a convenient way to get nice images as covers for my music. I’m pretty sure that I will try out Unity sooner or later anyway, after learning the basics, but that’s on hold for know.

My first lesson was on Processing. At https://hello.processing.org/ I got a pretty nice introduction to the program and it’s possibilities and I wrote my first lines of code ever, wich was a pretty nice feeling. The idea of programming as problem solving stuck with me from the beginning and every time I had to overcome an error and made it, it was really cool and I liked the direct feedback loop one gets from programming immediately. The visual feedback of Processing was also very helpful to get glimpse of what’s going on and I wondered how it would be with Python. So I started at learnpython.org, included some tutorials from Youtube and made first contact with strings and variables, methods and numbers. As my programming environment I chose Pycharm because it was recommended in some tutorials. After a view days in I still don’t know much of python and haven’t got a real project to learn for so far but maybe I try programming my own website at some point in the future. For now I stick to the tutorials and try to get some insights on how programming works and what I need to know to work on small projects because it’s all still very nebulous at this point.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading till the end and have a nice time until next week.


Links to the Youtube tutorials: