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Piece by piece

Hey und Hallo!

Time for a new dev update, sorry we missed last weeks update – but we where busy attending a game jam. Now back to Crystals Of Irm…

Everything runs at full speed! I’m currently working on several assets to make the world of Crystals Of Irm a little bit more complete. There are now also first demo tracks, which makes the world even more alive. Since Sunday is one of the days when can work on COI the most, I show you some things that were created in the last week.

A few market stalls in the village square of ArA villager offers his goodsA Buffel cart is just arriving in the village

I’m creating a ton of assets for the demo. Since I rely heavily on reusing some of the assets to keep the overall workload at a good level, I want the places you can visit to feel new and refreshing. I have to say, it’s fun to balance that fact, but it’s also a challenge not to do too much and then neglect other parts of the game.

Overall i’m pretty happy how Crystals of Irm becoming more and more the game i had in mind when i started. Sure there are some parts that i’m not hundered percent happy with, but we are just at the beginning of this journey.

As always thanks for reading in.

See ya next week

David // LotsOfStuff

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