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Game Modes

Hey and Hallo!

I welcome you to a new dev update. Today I wanted to show you the different game modes of Crystals of Irm. In the game you will change the perspective again and again. Over the world you move over a 2D map and see a figure that represents your group. On this map you will find various points of interest. You can enter them, which changes the perspective of the game.

This has to do with the fact that this way a much bigger looking world can be implemented and secondly the work that has to be done can be planned very well. It also helps me to keep the overview and that helps me to really finish this game.

As soon as you enter a POI you will see the game from the first person perspective. You can freely explore settlements and cities, talk to the inhabitants or enter different buildings.

Once you are in a building, the Story Mode is activated. Here you have different options and can move to fixed points. When you arrive at the points, various events are waiting for you.

You can also reach such Story Mode scenes via the 2D map, but here it can be a bit more dangerous than in the safe cities.

A combination of Story Mode and free movement through the cities can be found in Dungeon Mode. In this mode you have to move with your party through the dungeon, dodge traps and solve one or the other puzzle.

Finally, I’ll show you the Battle Mode again. This can be triggered by different situations. Here you have to prove the skills of your group in battle. You have to keep moving to generate attacks. The opponents will do all sorts of nasty things to block your way. Also, as a shard carrier (more on that soon), you can use magic to help the heroes or put an end to the battle as quickly as possible.

This mode will be changed and adapted again and again at the moment, because I’m still not completely satisfied with it. I hope that I will find enough time to implement the new ideas in the next week, after that there is not much in the way of the demo!

So that was a bit longer today! I hope you liked the little explanation, I’ll try to do something like that for the story in the next days.

As always thank you so much for reading and thanks for all the support and nice words in the last week. It’s really motivating and I’m looking forward to present you Crystals Of Irm in its best form soon!

Stay healthy

David // LotsOfStuff