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Caution – moving parts

Hello 🙂

A few interesting things happened, since I began programming two weeks ago. After starting without any idea in mind of what to program in Processing, I decided to create a header for this blog as a first project. So I spent last week mostly in Processing to get a few basics down, because the things I could do at the time where super boring. Basically everything I could do was to create coloured rectangles and circles on the screen but a graphical programming environment should give me much more possibilities than that. After watching one tutorial a little bit further I came across variables and some interesting ways to use them, e.g. using the mouse position to change things. The first thing I tried was to set the parameter for drawing a line from one point to wherever the mouse is. Here is what came out of it.

In another sketch – as projects in Processing are called – I started with some rectangles that I wanted to move in set directions over the screen, combined with drawn circles wherever the mouse is and I set up some variables that change size and color of the circles in relation to the mouse position. With that I felt ready to start seriously with the header because I started to see the possibilities looming on the horizon. The idea so far is to create automatically moving blocks of random sizes that change colours and override everything I draw with the mouse. The mouse will draw circles of different sizes depending on where the mouse is on the screen. It’s not ready yet because the rectangles don’t change their direction and I have to find a way to get the color variations more the way I want them to be but you can see where it’s going to in this example.

I also got a slightly better overview of what Processing can do and thought of a goal to work towards. Because my main work circles around music and sound, I want to create a program that reacts to the music I make and creates visual effects automatically that I can control in some ways. This would be an easy way to get a visual component to the music when releasing it on platforms like Youtube. This seems far ahead but I think I can get there till the end of the year.

Next week will feature the hopefully finished header for the page and some new things in Python as well, because I think about switching to a version of Processing that works with Python instead of Java.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading till the end and have a nice time until next week.


Link to the mentioned tutorial: