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Hey there wanderer!

The game is currently in development and we are working hard to get a demo running in the next month and can’t wait to show you what we are working on.

Crystals Of Irm features

  • a whole world to discover
  • islands with different biomes
  • cities to explore
  • unique battle system
  • dungeons
  • boss fights
  • and of course loot and treasures

If you want to follow the development or say hi you can follow Crystals Of Irm…

We are also always very happy to receive feedback

▶ On Itch.io

▶ On Gamejolt

▶ Or join our Discord

If you feel like buying us a coffee, you can do so on our Ko-Fi page. As a little extra, you’ll get some extra insights of the week and also a Supporter role on our Discord!


Crystals Of Irm

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