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Hey and hello!

I welcome you to a new dev update! There are a few updates to the Mini RPG, once the look evolves and the battle system getting better and better. There’s more about that right here in the post. To start with, I wanted to briefly explain why I write these updates here every Sunday. On the one hand, I find it exciting to see the development of the projects and LotsOfStuff in general, on the other hand, I really enjoy going through the achievements of the week or just taking a little time to think about the games. That’s why I’m doing all of this here. When I then reach people who are interested in my projects and work, that’s the icing on the cake. Anyway Thank you for reading it!

So much for that .. what happened in the Mini RPG?

I brought a bit of color into the game and changed the map a bit. Look at the sweet clouds.

Short DevTalk … I now have a flexible way of distributing damage for the BattleSystem. There are different ways to distribute damage. The basis for the system is now ready and I can start adding more systems.
I now also have the option to „shoot“ tiles over the map. The whole thing looks like this and adds a new variant to the BattleSystem.

That’s it for the week … and because I’ve shown so many videos, I’m going to add one more. A little progress trailer for the mini RPG

Stay healthy and see you next week

David // LotsOfStuff

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