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Hey and hello!

welcome to a new update. This week I took some time to improve and optimize some things. That’s why there is no video today, but some screenshots.

Mainly I spent some time on the battle system again. This part of the game has to be 100% right. The abilities, hero classes and items have to harmonize well with each other, but everything should be kept as simple as possible. But I can already say that the plan works. Limiting the individual systems again and again and using these limits to find ways to continue working with the existing systems really pays off. The Battle System is already very robust at its core and can be easily expanded.

The next two weeks I will continue to work on the code, so there will be less graphical updates for now. But that doesn’t mean that there will be no more dev updates 😉

That’s it for this week. Stay healthy. See you next week!

David // LotsOfStuff


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